Cepillo V7 Brush rounder Carl (Ladybird) (Dogs , Grooming & Wellbeing , Brushes & Combs)

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Cepillo V7 Brush rounder Carl (Ladybird) (Dogs , Grooming & Wellbeing , Brushes & Combs)

Pris: 104,00 DKK
104,00 DKK + 77,99 DKK Levering

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To remove hair, lint, crumbs, sand, dust, etc.. clothing, upholstery, car seats and luggage, carpets, rugs, velvet, smooth supericies, etc.. As liquids, snow, etc.. supericies With V7 of the brushes can be cleaned any supericie suited for an amazing way to clean the hair and lint supericies as sofas, cushions, rugs, velvet, fleece, car upholstery, etc.Gracias to static charge of their exclusive strips, hair and lint trap to even ina dust layer can be formed. The V7 brushes are always looking for that car cleaning: you can remove hairs and dust from the seat upholstery and boot that are embedded in the fabric. The brushes ideal for clothes: removes hair, lint, crumbs, dust so easily and effortlessly, leaving the impeccable dark suit, skirts, pants, liners, polar, etc.. Products are resistant to oil, acid and bleach and withstand temperatures from -20 C to 100 C can also brush the pet directly. In this way her hair is caught at the same time gives a shine to the hair and skin is massaged. The brushes can be cleaned with a little soap or remove the strips and washed separately. Can be washed in a dishwasher or washing machine. They can also be sterilized for use in veterinary clinics and hospitals. Available in the form of practice sissy for the handbag or for domestic use. A large scale recommend hand brush with swivel handle and telescopic broom.
  • Fruugo ID: 18642879-40923429
  • EAN: 426012021114
  • Detailhandler-VRN: ESB65730111

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