Acoustic Guitar Luxury Collection Of 8 Picks In A Gift Tin

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Acoustic Guitar Luxury Collection Of 8 Picks In A Gift Tin

Pris: 309,00 DKK
309,00 DKK + 35,99 DKK Levering

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Material: Burma Padauk, Almondwood, Clear Horn, Thai Cassia, Mimosa, Black Horn & Padauk. Instrument: We recommend this collection for Acoustic Guitar & Arch-top Jazz Guitar. Tone: The contents of the Luxury Acoustic Tin have been chosen to give a wide range of tones. Two soft Timbers have been supplied with Laser etched patterns on, which will give warmer tones and two mid hardness standard Timber Tones have also been supplied that will give slightly brighter tones. Two Buffalo Horn picks have been supplied that are slightly harder and thus brighter. To add variety we have also included a Sculpted Groovy Tones, which although made from a relatively soft timber has a sharp point that will add brightness. The last plectrum in a Sharp Style Flexi Tones Grip which is will sound relatively crisp due to the both the material and the shape. Design: 6 of the plectrums are designed around our 'Classic' shape. This is a 3D design starting at 2.5mm thick and chamfering down to 0.7mm at the playing tip .The Groovy Tones has a recess for the thumb on one side and a groove for the first finger on the other. The Flexi Tones Grip is made from 1mm thick buffalo horn to give some flex. Contents: This tin contains 1 Laser Tones Hibiscus, 1 Laser Tones Grip Almondwood, 1 Grip Tones Clear Horn, 1 Timber Tones Thai Cassia, 1 Timber Tones Mimosa, 1 Bone Tones Black Horn, 1 Flexi Tones Grip Sharp And 1 Groovy Tones Padauk Guitar Picks.
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